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non creadit mobility

SBM Online: A total of 23 students and an Officer from the School of Business Management (SBM), under the Management Executive Club (MEC) and COB Student Development Center (PPA COB), have successfully taken the Non Credit Mobility and Conferences in Padang, Indonesia. This program is also a joint program of the MEC and the Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan (HMJ) Manajemen Fakulitas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP)

On the first day, our official welcoming ceremony was held at UNP, from Prof Dr Yunia Wardi, UNP Deputy Vice Chancellor, Dr Idris, Dean of Economics and Dr Efrizal Syofyan, Deputy Dean of Economics. From UUM Representative, Dr Mohammad Nizam Sarkawi, SBM Senior Lecturer thanks for the warm response.

After that, the conference was held on Industrial Revolution 4.0, an impact to Human Capital where Dr Mohammad Nizam Sarkawi had started talking about the preparation and impact of universal humanity to embrace or accept IR4.0 as part of their lives. This is followed by a session sharing information about club activities from Ms Nurul Asyiqin Amaludin as MEC Club President, UUM and En Yoga Rahmat Novan Satria, HMJ Club President, UNP. In closing at the ceremony, Norziana Binti Maznun and Nurdalila Binti Saidin shared about the atmosphere at UUM to UNP students.

On the second day, we were brought together to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day at UNP (morning) at the flag raising ceremony, while in the evening, we are at the Governor's House for the flag-down ceremony. What we learned that day was the spirit of patriotism that was very thick in all Indonesians.

On the Third Day, we were taken to Bukit Tinggi for our goodwill visit and continued the IR4.0 conference on small and medium enterprises (weaving and chips) where even though they had machines but they still use human resources to do it manually. The destination for weaving is the craftsmanship of the Embroidery Embroidery and for the chips is Ummi Aufa Hakim.

On the fourth day in the morning, it is for us to carry out social responsibility activities assisted by UNP Students where we visit orphanages at Ridho Rahmat Orphanage. Here, we make a variety of activities such as games and tele matches to the orphans. We also give donation to them as a gesture of good will in the evening, which was our farewell night for us at UNP, we were presented with the Padang State Cultural Presentation and on the UUM side present of Dikir Barat.

As a result of this program we have acquired knowledge and experience which is very useful for us as well as to bridge the relationship between UNP & UUM. We also benefit from the IR4.0 conference where we can see on the hands of SME companies' activities and strengthen entrepreneurial knowledge.

We can also deepen the Indonesian culture, especially their spirit of patriotism at the 73rd Indonesia Independence Day Celebration. For social responsibility activities, BBA UUM students can establish good relationships and motivate Ridho Rahmat's orphanages.

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