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SBM ONLINE: On 27th April 2018, the Marketing Club (MarC), School of Business Management (SBM), has organized  their "We Share We Care" charity event.  The program was successfully held at Maahad Tahfiz Darul Mustofa, Kampong Sungai Limau, Baling, Kedah and was jointly by more than 10 students from various races, and club advisers who participated in the program to deliver food and financial aids which amounted of RM4,038.60. This amount was a collection gathered from donations from students, lecturers, café entrepreneurs and outside parties.

The group was warmly welcomed by Ustaz Muaz and several other teachers and 27 Maahad students. In addition to bilateral discussions on future program opportunities, the program was also accompanied by a series of hafazan verses from two Maahad students. The ceremony was continued with a site-visit to some areas of the school which is still under constructions. It was later, after the lunch that the program was resumed with the delivery of food and financial donations from the project Director of MarC to the Chairman of the Maahad school.The main purpose of this program was to fulfill the social responsibility among students in helping the Maahad Tahfiz students mainly in terms of their monthly food and living expenses. This program has been also to cultivate pure values ​​within the students to always be concerned with the hardship of others. In addition to the donations,the MARC members also assist in promoting various aspects of the Maahad students daily lives by capturing the surroundings and their daily activities. The captured videos and photos will be broadcasted on social media to give  opportunities to outsiders to have a view of the Maahad student life and to assist in distributing donations for their development and provide assistance in every aspect especially in conjunction with the upcoming of the holy month of Ramadhan.

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