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School of Business Management (SBM) through Alumni Committee had organized a “Meet the Dean Session” with all the Semester 6 and Semester 7 students. Nearly 106 students attended this auspicious session in UUM Convention Hall B. SBM Dean’s, Prof.Dr.Haim Himan grace the occasion with his presence and delivered a motivating pep talk to all the attendees.


The main objectives of this meeting were three fold. First, to give motivation, guidance and advice to the final year students of SBM, they will soon enter the realm of working world. Second, this session with final year students reflected SBM management caring attitudes towards our students and try our level best to imbue them with right values as SBM graduates. Finally, to remind our student with UUM motto: “Scholarship, Virtue & Service” and hope they will resonate with this motto and continue to become SBM’s active alumni by giving back to their alma mater one day.


In his speech, SBM’s Dean Prof.Dr.Haim Himan reminded the students to work hard in their studies, be diligent and always give back to their family who supported them unconditionally. He urged them to become a better person in all aspect and strive hard no matter how tough the challenges. At the same time, Prof.Dr.Haim Hilman reiterated his desire to build a strong old boys network of alumni within the School of Business Management UUM. He also welcomed all the attendees to continue their postgraduate studies in their beloved SBM UUM; soon they obtain their first degree. Last but not least, Prof.Dr.Haim Hilman also launched the Tabung SBM 2017. He sincerely cajoled the attendees to show the act of giving; no matter how small the amount; in contributing to Tabung SBM. At the end of round, a whopping RM1, 000 had managed to be collected from our beloved final year students and SBM staff.


In this auspicious event, two alumni of SBM had been invited as a guest speaker. They were En.Mohd.Nizam b.Morad, Director of Magna Hartamas Sdn.Bhd., Varsity Mall, UUM and Jikhaideel Chelaeh, Founder of Bubble Shakes UUM. In his speech, En.Nizam urged SBM students to be entrepreneurial, continue to learn, willing to sacrifice and cultivate good personal skills. Throughout his experience in “University of Hard Knock”, he succinctly concluded that to be a successful entrepreneur, two abilities stand out; namely the ability to continue to learn and the ability of business networking. Jikhaideel Chelaeh, Founder of Bubble Shakes echoed what En.Nizam highlighted and strongly urged our SBM student to be passionate in their future endeavour. The two speakers sharing the same sentiment that the world out there is tough; but when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


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