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SBM lecturers attended a briefing session on The Chancellor Award, 1st Class Hunter and Mentor-Mentee programs which was carried out by the Holistic Student Development Committee at the SBM Main Meeting Room.

The briefing on the role of SBM lecturers as mentors and advisors to SBM students in the programs was presented by SBM’s Dean, Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah and assisted by the Chair SBM Holistic Student Development Committee, Dr. Sahadah Abdullah.  A total of 128 SBM lecturers are involved in the programs as mentors.  All SBM students were listed as mentees for the Mentor-Mentee program. 

A total of 100 students were selected for The Chancellor Award program whilst 500 students were selected to be part of the 1st Class Hunter program.  The selection of students was based their CGPA and SIRA.  Candidates for The Chancellor Award program were those with a CGPA of 3.80 and above as well as those with high SIRA scores.  Meanwhile, the Mentor-Mentee Program involves all SBM students with the goal to assist the students with any issues that they may be facing. Student in The Chancellor Award and 1st Class Hunter programs will be continuously observed and guided to maintain academic and non-academic performance as well assisting them in gaining opportunities to do their practicum training in prestigious multinational companies.

As an initiation effort for these three programs, a mega collaborative CSR activity involving SBM students, administrative staffs and lecturers will be held on 2 May 2017.  The project will be supported by UPSB which will provide both assistance and equipment.  Students are duly encouraged to bring any necessary equipment and tools such as brooms, brushes etc. for the CSR program.

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