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25th of July, 2017: SBM has again organized it’s 8th SBM Postgraduate Talk Series 2017 which took place at SBM’s Main Meeting Room.  The talk titled Quantitative Method: Selecting an Appropriate Data Analysis Technique was delivered by Associate Prof. Dr. Chandrakantan Subramaniam, Senior Lecturer from the Human Resource Department of SBM.   The session was attended by more than 90 staff and postgraduate students from the various schools in UUM. 

Associate Prof. Dr. Chandrakantan, stressed that are many well-developed methods available for conceptually or statistically analyzing the different types of data that can be gathered. Selecting the most appropriate statistical analysis and the right sample size is a common problem among postgraduate students.

He further expressed that when one is analyzing the data, it is useful to get a feel of the data, what distributions the variables have and what inter-relationships exist. A few well thought out fundamental considerations will eventually lead one to select the appropriate statistical test for hypothesis testing. However, it is important that the appropriate statistical analysis is decided before starting the study, usually at the planning stage, and the right sample size is chosen. Finally, one must remember that the choice of which statistical test to use to analyze a set of data is completely dependent on the type of data that have been collected.

The interaction session was indeed very well received and it was obvious that the participants greatly benefitted from the discussions. The participants also expressed their gratitude to SBM and Associate Prof. Dr. Chandrakantan for sharing his extensive knowledge, experience and views.

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