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"Linking SBM with SOCSO" is one of the agendas of the Department of HRM, School of Business Management COB UUM. As an initial initiative, Prof Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah (Dean of SBM), accompanied by the Head of HRM Department (Associate Prof Dr. Abdul Halim Abdul Majid) and Associate Prof Dr. Fadzli Shah Abd Aziz recently visited SOCSO’s HQ. The visit included a meeting with Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Azman Dato’ Aziz Mohammed (CEO/Director General) of SOCSO.

Various issues and areas for potential collaborations between SBM and SOCSO were discussed. Prof Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah had among others proposed an establishment of a special center of excellence that would meet and focus on agendas that would mutually benefit SBM and SOCSO as well as provide a platform for nation development. The idea was deliberated upon by both parties with special attention of the CEO/Director General of SOCSO. Details of the proposal will be discussed and formulated, soon. Other potential opportunities of collaboration between two have also been highlighted. 

SBM’s Dean, Prof Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah posited the view that the initial visit would benefit both parties (SBM and SOCSO) and a thorough examination of the necessary arrangements as well as follow-through on the discussions during the visit was needed. SBM expressed its gratitude for the hospitality shown by SOCSO’s staff and its top management during the visit.


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