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SBM ONLINE: On 8th of April, 2018, the School of Business Management (SBM) has organized a dialogue session of the SBM Dean with the postgraduate (PG) students which took place at SBM’s Kedah Meeting Room.  The aim of the dialogue session was to share strategic agenda of SBM with the PG students and also to understand the problems and issues of the PG students.  The session was attended by more than 50 staff and PG students of SBM. 

Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah started the session by acknowledging the PG students’ background and understanding their problems and issues related to academic supervisions. Moving forward, the Dean also shared the SBM’s top strategic agenda, i.e. to increase the number of Scopus publications where the PG students were encouraged by the Dean to publish in Scopus Indexed Journals rather than opting for refereed journals. Further, the Dean motivated the students to cite SBM staff and students’ research articles (Scopus Indexed) in their future research article publications.

The Dean also shared with the PG students the facilities that the SBM is providing in terms of PG room and also highlighted the future plan to add necessary facilities such as printing machines and refreshment materials. Additionally, students also discussed with the Dean on the problems and issues related to academic and support staff. PG students were also inspired to be a part of the SBM team by participating as SBM Associates and assist the school in various academic and non-academic activities.

The session was very indeed very interactive and the participants greatly benefitted from the discussions. The participants also expressed their gratitude to the SBM Dean Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah for sharing his thoughts, ideas and time.



SBM ONLINE: Pada 5 April 2018 yang lalu, 76 pelajar jurusan pemasaran bersama seorang pensyarah pengiring dari Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) telah mengadakan lawatan ke Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) sempena aktiviti kelab anjuran Kelab Pemasaran (MarC), Pusat Pengajian Pengurusan Perniagaan (SBM). Lawatan selama tiga hari dua malam itu disambut mesra oleh 40 ahli Kelab Pemasaran.

Aktiviti dimulakan dengan sesi memperkenalkan UUM kepada delegasi UMT yang bermula di Anjung Tamu pada jam 8.30 pagi. Para pelajar UMT diberi taklimat ringkas dan mesra oleh kakitangan Anjung Tamu mengenai UUM. Rombongan seterusnya di bawa ke Bilik Kedah, SBM untuk aktiviti bersama staf akademik bidang Pemasaran. Ketua Jabatan Pemasaran, Dr. Norzieiriani Ahmad dan beberapa pensyarah pemasaran lain menyambut mesra kedatangan delegasi UMT bersama hidangan Nescafe.

Hadir sama bagi memeriahkan lagi majlis ialah Dekan SBM, Prof Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah, yang memulakan ucapan mengalu-alukan kedatangan semua delegasi. Prof Dr Haim Hilman turut memberikan kata-kata semangat dan motivasi kepada semua yang hadir untuk terus belajar bagi mengapai impian masing-masing. Beliau tidak jemu menasihatkan pelajar agar bersungguh-sungguh menimba ilmu dan memberikan yang terbaik demi mencapai kejayaan sekaligus dapat memberikan kegembiraan kepada ibubapa dan membalas jasa mereka. Majlis ini juga diserikan dengan sesi soal jawab dan diskusi mengenai peluang kolaborasi antara UMT dan SBM, UUM di masa hadapan.

Sebaik selesai aktiviti ini, rombongan ini meneruskan aktiviti dengan mengadakan lawatan ke Perpustakaan Sultanah Bahiyah dan Bangunan Canselori. Selepas solat Zohor, para pelajar UUM dan UMT mengadakan aktiviti berkumpulan seperti LDK, Ice Breaking dan Explore Race. Rombongan UMT berangkat pulang pada keesokkan harinya selepas melawat Pokok Tiga Beradik dan Pusat Ekuastrian.




SBM ONLINE : On 5th of April 2018, 76 undergraduates from Marketing Program accompanied by a visiting lecturer from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) visited Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in conjunction with  a club activity organized by School of Business Management (SBM) Marketing Club (MarC). The delegates were warmly welcomed by 40 members from MarC.

The session began with the introduction of UUM to the UMT delegation which took place at UUM, Anjung Tamu where the students were kindly welcomed and briefed by Anjung Tamu staff about UUM history and origin of Sintok. The delegation was then brought to the SBM, Kedah Room and was greeted by the Head of Marketing Department, Dr. Norzieiriani Ahmad who was also joined by the Marketing Department lecturers.

Also present at the event was the SBM Dean, Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah, who started the session with a welcoming speech to all audience present and shared some words of encouragement and motivation for the students to continue to learn to achieve their dreams.  The Dean, through his speech,  continually reminded the students to earn extra money and give their best to achieve success as well as bring joy to their parents. At the end of the event, a session of questions and discussions were held to discuss on the collaboration opportunities between UMT and SBM in the future.

Upon completion of the activity, the delegation proceeded with a visit to the Sultanah Bahiyah Library and the UUM Chancellery Building before proceeding to some group activities such as Team Training (LDK), Ice Breaking and Explore Race between the UUM and UMT students. 



SBM ONLINE: SBM organized the 1st session of 3rd series of SBM Postgraduate Talk 2018 on the 13th of March 2018 at SBM’s Main Meeting Room (Kedah Room). The talk titled “Knowing the Foundation of Research” was delivered by Dr. Awanis Binti Ku Ishak, Senior Lecturer from the School of Business Management. The session was attended by more than 30 staff and postgraduate students from the various schools in UUM.

Dr. Awanis Binti Ku Ishak started the session by gaining the overall research background of the audience. She emphasized on the importance of the philosopher or researcher to know the philosophy of our research, i.e. Ontology, Epistemology and Methodology. She stressed that researchers often initiate their research process from Epistemology while forgetting the Ontology of their research, which is a flawed practice.

She further expressed that there are different research paradigms; post-positivism, constructivism, participatory and pragmatism. Researchers must understand the research paradigm they intend to follow. She also expressed that researchers often forget to identify the appropriate research paradigm for their research because the research paradigm defines the flow of the research process.

The session was very interactive and the speaker received multiple questions relating to the problems of the researchers which they are confronted with when formulating their research. The talk was very beneficial to the participants. The participants also expressed their gratitude towards SBM and Dr. Awanis Ku Ishak for sharing her extensive knowledge, experience and views.


talk dr.awanis





SBM ONLINE: SBM organized the 2nd session of the 3rd series of SBM Postgraduate Talk 2018 on the 27th of March 2018, from 9.00 to 11.00 am at SBM’s Main Meeting Room (Kedah Room). The talk was titled “Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Study: Selection of a Research Topic” was delivered by Dr. Abdul Manaf Bohari, Senior Lecturer from the School of Business Management.

Dr. Abdul Manaf Bohari, started the session by sharing his own experience when doing his PhD where he stressed to the audiences that gaining a PhD is a journey which they need enjoy. He gave examples of the first steps, from choosing his thesis topic until graduation. He emphasized that selecting a good topic is not easy, as it requires finding adequate information and knowing what the final research should look like which takes time. For this to happen, we must know the types of business research e.g. Applied or Basic. Furthermore, he stressed that there are factors related to selecting a topic such as new issues, availability of data, and research methodology to name but a few.

He articulated that students must develop important skills in order to be able to select a good topic such as brainstorming for ideas, choosing a topic that will enable you to read and understand the literature, ensuring that the topic is manageable and that materials are available. Further to this, making a list of the key words, being flexible, defining your topic as a focused research question, researching and reading around the chosen topic and formulating a thesis statement would be crucial. He later went on to explain all these points in detail.

The session was very interesting. Generally, the participants greatly benefitted from the session and the discussions associated with it. At the end, the participants expressed their gratitude towards SBM and Dr. Abdul Manaf Bohari for sharing his extensive knowledge and experience. The session was closed by giving certificates for all staff and postgraduates who participated.


talk dr.manaf


SBM ONLINE : The School of Business Management (SBM) has organized the 1st SBM Industrial Talk 2018 on 11th of March, 2018 which was held at SBM’s Kedah Room. The talk was delivered by Mr. Azli Mohamed, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) from Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) who is also one of the UUM alumni, graduated in BBA (Finance) in 2000. During the talk, he shared with the participants his career development and learning experiences. As the CSO to MAHB, he is responsible for the strategic and innovative execution of the business-side for the aviation-related units and the overall group-level activities with the focus of driving efficiency, organic and inorganic growth, digitization roll-out and maximizing company’s bottom line.

Mr. Azli affirmed that in today’s highly competitive environment, the goal of each organization is to remain competitive and win new customers. Graduates must acquire as much knowledge and skills possible to represent and participate in the generation of innovations. Their personal creativity, knowledge, skills and abilities are possible to generate new innovative ideas that will lead organizations to achieve the competitive advantages needed in the millennial environment. It is believed that to remain competitive and agile in the business market, companies should emphasize on three key attainable factors, which are innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability.

The knowledge sharing session, which was joined by a number of staff and students, was one of the remarkable events and was very encouraging. At the end of session, Dr. Khairol Anuar Ishak, Deputy Dean of SBM, presented a token of appreciation and expressed thanks to Mr. Azli Mohamed for sharing his vast experience in various prominent international and local companies in Malaysia. 


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