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B. Mktg (Hons) is introduced to create managers, leaders, and professionals who are knowledgeable and skillful in business and marketing, innovative, ethical, as well as able to apply the learned knowledge and business and marketing skill.



  1. Applying concept, theory and marketing practice in marketing field in order to be able to generate ideas and excellent marketing strategy. 
  2. Make use of the knowledge, skill, and methods learned to become an effective and excellent marketer or marketing professional. 
  3. To face and handle challenges in the marketing and business world.



Students who enroll to B. Mktg (Hons) program will have bright career prospect. Graduates of this program will have the opportunity to work as executive or marketing consultant, public relation officer, media and communication, product and brand managament executive, lecturer and so on either in public sector or private sector. (for example: student may develop his/her marketing career in banking institution, consultant company, production and marketing company)

Admission Requirement

The Under Graduate Programme

General Admission Requirement

The general academic requirements for admission into undergraduate degree programmes of UUM is as follows:

  • Candidates obtained a Matriculation Certificate from Ministry of Education Malaysia (Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia);


  • Three (3) principal passes in the STPM examination with at least Grade C in General Paper and Grade C in two other subjects obtained at one sitting;


  • Diploma from institutions recognised by the Government of Malaysia and the Senate of the University;


  • Pass Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) examination with at least Jayyid;


  • At least three (3) principal passes in the General Certificate of Education 'Advanced Level' (GCE) 'A' Level Examination (UK Educational System) obtained at one sitting;


  • Any other qualifications that are recognised by the Senate of the University as equivalent to the above;


  • Applicants are required to take the Malaysian University English Test (MUET) before applying for our undergraduate programmes.

KPM Matriculation Certificate / UM Foundation / Uitm Foundation

1. Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Gred C (2.00) pada peringkat Matrikulasi/Asasi dalam semua mata pelajaran pengkhususan, dan

2. Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Gred C+ (2.33) pada peringkat Matrikulasi/Asasi dalam dua (2) mata pelajaran berikut:  Mathematics;  Physics/ Chemistry. dan

3. Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya kepujian (Gred C) pada peringkat SPM dalam mata pelajaran berikut:  Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics.


Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya lulus (Gred E) pada peringkat SPM dalam mata pelajaran berikut:- Mathematics / Additional Mathematics; dan

Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya kepujian (Gred C) pada peringkat SPM dalam mata pelajaran berikut: 
Prinsip Perakaunan/ Ekonomi Asas/ Perdagangan/ Pengajian Keusahawanan/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology.


4. Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Tahap 3 (Band 3) dalam Malaysian University English Test (MUET).


Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Tahap 2 (Band 2) dalam Malaysian University English Test (MUET).


Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya kepujian (Gred C) pada peringkat SPM dalam mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggeris

Language Requirements

  1. English and Bahasa Malaysia are the two primary languages used for instruction in the University, depending on the specific programme of study.
  2. Applicants wishing to pursue their studies in programmes with English as a medium of instruction must present a score of 550 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 5.5 points in the test administered by the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS).
  3. Applicants who are unable to submit satisfactory results in any of the above tests may take up language proficiency courses at the University to fulfil the admission requirements.




    SADE1013Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
    SADN1013Islamic and Asian Civilization I3
    SADN1043Ethnic Relationship3
    SADN1033Nationhood of Malaysia3
    SBLE1033English for Communication I3
    SBLE1043English for Communication II3
    SBLE2103Process Writing3
    VXXXXXXXCo-curriculum *4

    * Choose ONE (1) co-curriculum activities of interest. The choice is subjected to the requirements of each field.

    BPMN1013Principles of Management3NONE
    BPMN3123Management Ethics3NONE
    BPMN3023Strategic Management3Have taken and passed 100 credit hours
    BWFF2033Financial Management3BKAF1023 Intro to Financial Accounting OR BKAL1013 Business Accounting OR BKAR1013 Financial Accounting & Reporting I
    GLUL2023Business Law3NONE
    BEEB1013Principle of Economics3NONE
    BKAL1013Business Accountancy3NONE
    SSYA1013Introduction to Psychology3NONE
    SQQS1013Introduction to Statistics3NONE
    STID1103Computer Applications in Management3NONE
    BPMM1013Introduction to Marketing 3NONE
    BPMM2023Marketing Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3013Consumer Behaviour 3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3033Marketing Research3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3043Marketing Strategies and Analysis3Have taken and passed 90 credit hours
    BPMM3053International Marketing3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3063Industrial Marketing3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3083Service Marketing 3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPCM3103Integrated Marketing Communication3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3113Brand Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3173Salesmanship3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3073Marketing Seminar 3Have taken and passed 100 credit hours
    BPMX4908 Practicum 8Have taken and passed all courses under the programme core

  • Students MUST complete THREE (3) levels of Mandarin language course.

    SBLF1053 Mandarin Language I 3 NONE
    SBLF2053 Mandarin Language II 3 SBLF1053 Mandarin Language I
    SBLF3053 Mandarin Language III 3 SBLF2053 Mandarin Language II
    • Malaysian Chinese students are required to take any foreign language courses EXCEPT Mandarin language.
    • Students from Chinese school are required to take any foreign language courses EXCEPT Mandarin language.
    • International students are allowed to take any foreign language courses EXCEPT their native language.
    • Students MUST complete all the three levels for the selected language course.


  • Students are REQUIRED to choose ONE (1) out of FOUR (4) Minors listed below:

    1.  CORPORATE COMMUNICATION offered by  School of  Multimedia Technology & Communication (SMMTC). Student MUST choose SIX (6) courses from the list below: 
      SCCA1013Introduction to Communication3NONE
      SCCA1023Communication Theory3NONE
      SCCA2023Human Communication3NONE
      SCCA2073Public Relations3NONE
      SCCA2083Communication Law3NONE
      SCCA2103Leadership Communication3NONE
      SCCD3223Persuasive Communication 3NONE
      SCCD3253International Media Analysis 3NONE
      SCCG3123Negotiation Communication 3NONE
      SCCG3143Managerial Communication Skills3NONE
    2.  CREATIVE MEDIA offered by  School of  Multimedia Technology & Communication (SMMTC). Student MUST choose SIX (6) courses from the list below: 
      SCCT1033Introduction to Media Technology3NONE
      SCCT1093Visual Media3NONE
      SCCT2033Media Writing3NONE
      SCCT2063Media Law and Ethics3NONE
      SCCT2073Media Creativity and Esthetics3NONE
      SCCT2323Investigative News Reporting3NONE
      SCCT2413Electronic Script Writing3NONE
      SCCT3033Media Psychology3NONE
      SCCT3233Integrative Media Marketing3NONE
    3. EVENT MANAGEMENT  offered by  School of Tourism, Hospitality and Environmental Management (STHEM), UUM COLGIS. Student MUST choose SIX (6) courses from the list below: 
      GHZA1113Introduction to Event 3NONE
      GHZL3143Event Sponsorship and Fundraising 3GHZM2113 Event Marketing
      GHZM2113Event Marketing 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZN3053Event Risk Management 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZP4313Sport Tourism Event Management 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZS2113Sport and Society3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZS2123Sociological Aspects of Event Management 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZT3113Event Design and Production 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZT3133Event Administration and Coordination 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
      GHZT3213Event Operation and Logistics 3GHZA1113 Introduction to Event
    4. ENTREPRENEURSHIP offered by School of Business Management (SBM), UUM COB. Student MUST choose SIX (6) courses from the list below:
      BPME2013Entrepreneurial Behavior and Skill3SADE1013 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
      BPME2023Creativity & Innovation3NONE
      BPME3013Business Growth Management*3SADE1013 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
      BPME3023Franchise Business Management3NONE
      BPME3043Family Business3SADE1013 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
      BPME3063Entrepreneur Networking Management3SADE1013 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
      BPMM3023Sale Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Management
      BPME2043Business Plan 3BWFF2023 Financial Management
      BPMM1013Introduction to Management3NONE



  • Students are required to should choose ONE (1) course from the following list:

    BPMM3093New Product Development3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3023Sales Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3133Retailing Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3263Supply Chain Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3143Electronic Marketing3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3183Relationship Marketing3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing
    BPMM3203Advertising Management3BPMM1013 Introduction to Marketing

  • Students are required to choose any ONE (1) course offered by other programmes in the same school or courses in other school with the consideration:

    • ​Have to adhere to pre-requisite condition of the course.
    • Equivalent courses will not be considered as free elective courses.


  • FeesMalaysianAseanNon-Asean
    Registration Fees714.006080.006080.00
    Study Fee550.002700.002900.00
    Student Services393.00680.00680.00

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