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BBA (Hons)

The aim is to produce skilful graduates who are knowledgeable in business and administration, and are competent in the business arena and Malaysian administrative environment. This programme is continuously improved and monitored to meet the industrial requirements, and to cultivate graduates who are proficient in managing business and professionals who are able to embrace business theories and put them into practice. It is expected that these graduates will be able to identify and solve management problems either at local or global level. 

The Business Management programme prepares students for career opportunities in the field of management in the private and public sector.


B. Ent. (Hons)

The aim of this programme is to produce graduates who possess the entrepreneurial characteristics such as creativity, abilities, knowledge, skills, initiatives and personal attributes to acquire opportunities in the job market, improve their chances of career mobility, and to initiate a new business venture as a viable career choice. 

The graduates from this programme is hoped to be successful entrepreneurs one day. Meanwhile, if they choose not to be entrepreneurs upon graduation, they can work as business consultant, entrepreneurship development trainers, managers in financial institution, government sector under the training and development agencies, executives in NGOs, managers in SME and multinational companies.


B. HRM (Hons.)

The Bachelor of Human Resource Management is offered to provide an excellent platform in helping students equip themselves with current knowledge and skills in managing human resources both in the private and public sectors. 

Job prospects for graduates of the Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Hons) are quite flexible. They are able to serve as managers, human resource development planners, or human resource consultants in both government and private sectors.


B.Mktg. (Hons)

The Bachelor of Marketing is introduced to create managers, leaders, and professionals who are knowledgeable and skillful in business and marketing, innovative, ethical, as well as able to apply the learned knowledge and business and marketing skills. 

Students who enroll to B. Mktg (Hons) program will have bright career prospect. Graduates of this program will have the opportunity to work as executive or marketing consultant, public relation officer, media and communication, product and brand managament executive, lecturer and so on either in public sector or private sector. (for example: student may develop his/her marketing career in banking institution, consultant company, production and marketing company)



MSc. Management

The Master of Science (Management) was introduced to produce graduates who have deep knowledge about the management aspect of a business and capable of performing relevant tasks in today’s global business environment. The objective is to produce excellent and professional executives that are capable of translating the theory learned during classes into practice. Graduates of this program are also expected to become capable leaders that can identify and resolve issues and problems related to management and business, domestically or internationally.


Master of HRM

UUM COB recognised the needs to produce graduates in the field of human resource management who are knowledgeable and able to meet the current challenges in organisation. In addition, it also aims to provide young graduates, especially in the areas of human resource management, and managers who are currently working to obtain higher qualifications and competency levels in this area. More importantly, this program aims to produce future managers capable of playing a strategic role in the governance of the organization. 


MSc. OSH Mgt

The aim of the programme is to produce graduates who can work independently, skilled, competent, creative and innovative, with in-depth knowledge in their related areas of research and are able to contribute to the body of knowledge.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Our PhD is a research degree designed to create advanced knowledge in specific areas of research. SBM UUM focuses on seven competency areas, which are, Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship; Marketing, Business Information Systems and Sustainability & Community Development. Research students are guided by our faculty members dedicated to research at the frontiers of their fields. Entrance into the programme is very competitive. Prior to submitting their applications, candidates are required to prepare a good research proposal and then communicate with their potential supervisors. Carrying the status as the only university in Malaysia and probably in the world that specializes in management education, SBM manages to attract students from across the globe to join our unique research community.


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