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On 19th January 2017, in the heat of the FRGS call for applications, the School of Business Management (SBM) has organized a Workshop on Generating Proposals FRGS Grants Phase 1/2017 and was conducted by Prof. Dr. Zakaria Abas who was willing to share his knowledge and experience in the evaluation of FRGS grant. Prof. Dr. Zakaria Abas is an individual with extensive background and has been involved in the generation and evaluation of FRGS proposals at the university and national level.

He stressed that the researchers must ensure that the research title meets the basic concept of the ‘fundamental’ requirement and the research proposals must reflect the impact on society and is closely related to the 'niche' areas focused by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

The workshop was attended by Prof. Dr. Khulida Kirana Yahaya who has also provided some useful suggestions for the generations of FRGS proposal based on her experience as a FRGS assessor and head of FRGS research grants.

SBM was very grateful to Prof. Dr. Zakaria Abas who was willing to share his valuable insights with SBM citizens.

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